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  • Tags:Photography & Videography
  • Hotline:+94 777653336
  • Telephone:+94 112789574
  • Address:No. 774 / 6 / V, New Kandy Road, Malabe, Sri Lanka.
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Sumeda is a true artist who has devoted his entire life to using his natural gift - the ability to create soul touching, memorable photographs. Being photographed by Sumeda is an unforgettable experience. He puts his subjects in the best frame of mind to be photographed by making them feel relaxed and safe in front of the camera. This allows their own personality, natural inner beauty and strength to emerge. He opens the hearts of his subjects and then captures the moments with his camera.

Sumeda does much of his photography at his home studio steps away from the beach in North Hollywood Beach. This serene environment with beautiful skies, landscaping, the beach, and the ocean provides an ideal environment for creating natural light daytime images, or dramatic dusk images.

In addition to Beach Portraiture, Sumeda specializes in Wedding and Event Photography. His philosophy is to allow the client's story to unfold naturally, with his role being to anticipate and capture the event's participants and special moments, rather than him trying to control them. He can create extraordinary images oftentimes without the subjects even being aware of his presence.
Sumeda work with the client to select the most meaningful images and memorialize them in different ways depending on the client's wishes. Popular output choices include coffee table storybooks, formal Albums, individual large format prints, or computer slide shows and video presentations which can be used on the Internet.