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  • Address:No. 207C, Galle Road, Idama, Moratuwa.
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Chandana Jagath Thalakumbura uses his camera to convey his dilate in strong colors and contrast and a fence of light. Fairly loose, fairly Color full, fairly delight full with the emphasis on capture ring a general life station rather than specifics.

His photos show greatness directness, and a delight in the subject matter as well as great feelings for composition, liter, and atmosphere interpreted through leanness. There are echoes of impressionism and composisition, late and atmosphere interpreted through leanness. There are echoes of impressionism and composisition that have influenced his photos.

He was born in welimada in up country in sir lanka. he now lives in moratuwa with his family, where they have their own static and gallery. He is a Fellow of The National photographic art society of sri lanka and obtain a diploma about Photography, From The National photographic art society of sri lanka.

He divides his fabulous experience between figures and nature they are totally different artistic style, which is something he finds motivating and refreshing.

Chandana Jagath Thalakumbura trips are normally suite short and perhaps three days and five duos and always his aim is to absorb what is three and to check out the possibilities in terms of interesting shapes.

His preference is to capture in the outside from the images he has in his mind plus his thoughts and feelings about the photographs Chandana Jagath Thannekumbura is also considering shape and figures relationships, composition, light and dark and so on.

These aspects develop as the work is refined though the emotional element is always important, and what he calls

Trusing the peocess

Chandana Jagath Thalakumbura finished photographs has a wonderful feeling for the nature and the distinctive mark of the photographer

Flashes of light on the camera help me to convey a feeling of movement and delightful figures.