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My Wedding Planner Sri Lanka

Our company is run by dedicated professional with decades of experience. Our main philosophy is customer satisfaction, were understanding your needs and requirements is key to the success of your wedding day. We can provide for all kind of religions, making sure the focal point of the whole ceremony, is covered with our best wedding stages..

We are quality Asian wedding services provider, established since 2007. We are based in the Colombo and Kurunegala, catering for wedding functions through out the Sri Lanka. We are renowned for our high class wedding Stages , which have been a great success with all of our clients

Sonduruma Mal - Its all about your dream wedding....

|| Poruwa
|| Settee Back
|| Oil Lamp
|| Entrance Decor
|| Table Decor
|| Kiribath Structure
|| Milk Fountain
|| Car Decor
|| Head Table Decor
|| Church Decor