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"Energy is not destroyed"

This is a doctrine of modern science Energies in the universe can be transformed to another energies by ancient traditional ways. Reciting Ashtaka and jayamangalagatha,beating multitype of bera and different type of dancing are some examples. There is a proper process for it Wordly thing should be conducted in a proper way to achieve spiritual purity.The sages having realied this situation created arts and crafts with sciencetific technique for the matter. Custom of the magul porowa,correct Ashtaka and Jayamangala gatha reciting,beating Magul Bera and other kind of Bera blowing the Jayasanka,Wearing costumes and ornaments for bride grooms,dancing and decoration are some of them. Arranging these life events correctly We can spend a prosperous life.Not only that but also We can develop our spiritual power. If we make to do this technique of arts and crafts incorrectly it will causes harm. After the arrival of arahanth Mahinda Thero We got pure Buddhism and such arts and carft with several gurukul Resiting Ashtaka and Jayamangalagatha properly,bride and bride groom.would beable to get comfort,happines and consolation Sound waves of Magul Bera and the jayasanka vibrating air clean our blood and brighten our mind "All are made of ming" The person who with bright mind doesn't caught by evil eye or evil mouth. Decoration also very important.You can get more ideas bounding this stanza from marriage ceremony of prince siddatha.

Indika sajith Chanaka Pathirana is known as sajith having started from the tample of his native place came-up with regular education on Kandyan and law country dancing and both bera vadhana9playing) He has been expert on this arts and crafts learning from various gurukul. As the inherent tendency,the path,he started from the temple of village,devil dancing ritual,village ritual and varous kind of ceremonies as an artist of the bera playing and dancing both kandyan and lawcountry has been led towards baratha desh and japan. this youth has well experienced and skillful hand to blossom your style and from flora decoration. Sajith considers that wearing bridegrooms with the pride of udarata Nilame anduma wich takenthe atraction of modern society as a great responsibility.