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  • Address:No. 98 / A 20, Piscal Watta Rd, Magammana, Homagama.
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Chocolate fountains, Champagne fountains, Dry ice and more for your wedding.

Your wedding is one of the most exciting occasions and for most will occur only once in your life. If you are looking for a romantic or fun way of entertaining your guests with food or drink, the Chandana Wedding Fountain hare the most wonderful solution. Weddings, birthdays and cooperate parties.

Our Services:

|| Champagne Fountain
|| Milk Fountain
|| Chocolate Fountain
|| Champagne Glasses for your need
|| Dry Ice
|| Bubble Machine
|| Kavili Table

* Fountains are built from 20 glasses up to 200 glasses.
* Special fountain – 60 glasses 2 bottles with dry ice and a colorful spot lights.